Front Page: The New York Times – December 17, 2022


In Subfreezing Cold, Waves of Russian Missiles Batter Ukraine

Dozens of missiles knocked out heat and electricity systems around the country including in Kyiv, where two-thirds of its residents had no heat or water.

Global Leaders Mix Sports and Diplomacy at the World Cup

Dozens of top officials have flown to Qatar to cheer for teams while talking shop. The event has magnified the tiny Gulf nation’s role as a diplomatic broker.

In Suspending Journalists on Twitter, Musk Flexes His Media Muscle

Elon Musk’s moves this week set off a heated debate about complex issues of free speech and online censorship.

A Businessman, Buffaloes and a Sofa Full of Cash: A President’s Alibi

A bizarre scandal threatens to topple President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa from leadership of the African National Congress, which begins its party conference on Friday. Will A.N.C. members buy his astonishing account?

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