Front Page: The New York Times – December 16, 2022


How a Sprawling Hospital Chain Ignited Its Own Staffing Crisis

Ascension, one of the country’s largest health systems, spent years cutting jobs, leaving it flat-footed when the pandemic hit.

New Federal Rule Has Done Little to Stem Spread of ‘Ghost Guns’

Sellers of key components of the untraceable homemade firearms have been interpreting the rule in the narrowest possible way.

In the World of Wrestling, a Heavy Hitter Steps Into the Ring

The owner of the Los Angeles Lakers believes WOW — Women of Wrestling can be an engine of female empowerment. Her performers, known as “superheroes,” are breaking new ground in the historically male-centric space.

Bribery Case Cracks Open European Parliament — and Finds Hidden Cash

Prosecutors say the glamorous lifestyle of a European lawmaker masked a Qatari corruption scandal. It exposed how vulnerable Brussels is to foreign influence.

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