Front Page: The New York Times – December 15, 2022


The Federal Reserve signals more to come even as it slows rate increases.

Central bankers made a smaller rate move, but predicted that they will weigh the economy down more aggressively than previously expected

Biden Aims to Inject New Energy Into U.S. Relations With African Nations

With the United States lagging behind China in influence on the continent, the president pledged investments in key areas for development.

The Infrared Hunt for Russian Troops in the Battle for Bakhmut

On a frigid December night, The New York Times accompanied members of a surveillance team for the Ukrainian Army as they used a thermal sight to find enemy positions miles away.

An Alternate Reality: How Russia’s State TV Spins the Ukraine War

Leaked emails detail how Russia’s biggest state broadcaster, working with the nation’s security services, mined right-wing American news and Chinese media to craft a narrative that Moscow was winning.

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