Front Page: The New York Times – December 13, 2022


Two Decades After 9/11 Inquiry, a Similar Plan for Covid Stalls in Congress

The 9/11 Commission prompted a national reckoning over the Sept. 11 attacks. But some experts fear that the chance to create an independent panel to investigate the pandemic response is slipping away.

Inflation Forecasts Were Wrong Last Year. Should We Believe Them Now?

Economists misjudged how much staying power inflation would have. Next year could be better — but there’s ample room for humility.

In a Wary Arctic, Norway Starts to See Russian Spies Everywhere

Other European countries are too, blurring the line between vigilance and paranoia.

Mass Migrant Crossing Floods Texas Border Facilities

The arrival of up to 1,000 migrants, the latest big group to have crossed the border, was one of the largest single crossings in recent years in West Texas, which has seen a surge in migration.

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