Front Page: The New York Times – December 12, 2022


Even as China Eases Covid Rules, Some Youths Still Fear a Grim Future

A sluggish economy continues to leave many young people unemployed, with few job prospects or hopes to tap into the rising incomes their parents enjoyed during boom times.

Some Prisoners Remain Behind Bars in Louisiana Despite Being Deemed Free

About 200 to 250 inmates are held beyond their legal release dates in any given month, with the average additional time lasting around 44 days in 2019.

War Next Door Brings Energy Crunch, and Paid Protests, to Moldova

The tiny country, starved of natural gas and electricity because of the conflict in neighboring Ukraine, is confronting street rallies bankrolled by a pro-Russian politician to target its pro-Western government.

In Hostage Diplomacy, It’s Often the Hostage-Takers Who Pay

Detaining foreigners to wring concessions from their home country’s government holds perils for both sides, but especially, perhaps surprisingly, for the hostage takers.

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