Front Page: The New York Times – December 10, 2022

Inside the Prisoner Swap That Freed Brittney Griner

U.S. officials say Moscow had been pushing for the release of a Russian assassin being held in Germany before finally agreeing to release Ms. Griner for Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer.

Chasing the U.S., China’s Leader Emerges From Diplomatic Isolation

Xi Jinping’s visit to Saudi Arabia highlights Beijing’s renewed bid to compete with Washington after years of preoccupation with the pandemic.

Sinema Adds Intrigue and Democratic Fury to Arizona’s 2024 Senate Race

Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s announcement that she would become an independent left Democrats in her state, many of whom have long wanted to defeat her in a primary, facing a new political calculus.

A Rural Hospital’s Excruciating Choice: $3.2 Million a Year or Inpatient Care?

A new federal program offers hefty payments to small hospitals at risk of closing. But it comes with a bewildering requirement.

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