Front Page: The New York Times – December 1, 2022

House Passes Bill to Avert a Rail Strike, Moving to Impose a Labor Agreement

The House voted to force rail companies and workers to accept a pending agreement and to add seven days of paid leave, a key demand of the employees. But it met with a rocky reception in the Senate.

For China’s Leader, Another Dilemma: How to Mourn Jiang Zemin

The former president’s death drew tributes from Chinese people at a fraught moment for the current leader, Xi Jinping, who faces widespread criticism of his harsh Covid policies.

When the Lights Go Out, Kyiv Keeps Going — With Some Ingenuity

Survival kits in elevators, alternative menus in cafes, flashlights and generators everywhere: This is life under Russian bombardment, when power can fail at any moment.

On City Streets, Fear and Hope as Mayor Pushes to Remove Mentally Ill

Mayor Eric Adams intends to remove people with severe, untreated mental illness from the streets. That will mean involuntary hospitalization of people deemed unable to care for themselves.

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