Lakeside Village Walks: Morcote, Switzerland (4K)

The former fishing village of Morcote is situated on the shore of Lake Lugano and is undoubtedly one of the most frequently photographed places in Ticino. It was not without just cause that picturesque Morcote was voted Switzerland’s most beautiful village in 2016.

The overall appearance of Morcote is characterised by its division into two parts: a secular part on the Lake and an ecclesiastical part on the slope. Both parts have their own characteristic buildings.

The bank of the lake is lined with numerous imposing buildings such as Palazzo Paleari, as well as a number of simple buildings. The row of houses by the lake, with their magnificent arcades, is one of the most distinctive features of Morcote and characterises the view of the village from the lake in particular. Just behind these, the winding, cobbled laneways of the village centre unfold. Even today, these still clearly reveal its mediaeval origins.

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