Views: Marrakech – Heart Of Medieval Morocco

Morocco is a land of a thousand colours, with green, red, blue, ochre, and white dominating. We shall travel through the kingdom’s most stunning spots using these five colors. From the royal elegance of Marrakesh to the secrets of Ouarzazate, we’ll visit iconic cities brimming with energy and passion, providing artists with endless inspiration.

Despite the various changes brought about by modern society, Moroccans are striving hard to maintain traditions and historical skills. The series also brings us to more intimate areas, such as palm groves, oases, and dunes, where colourful vistas of palm groves, oases, and dunes abound.

We’ll meet the people who live there and work to preserve the natural beauty of the area. Morocco is a unique tapestry of landscapes that takes the observer on a dream-like trip from the seaside to the mountain heights.


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