Top Hikes: ‘Wolfsklamm Gorge’ In Austria (Video)

Virtual walk ! Watch this on 4K Tv Amazing Wolfsklamm Gorge in Stans is accessed via a delightful series of beautiful wooden boardwalks, bridges and 354 steps. Lovingly dubbed “The Pearl of Tirol Unterland”, the walking trail across the gorge was opened more than 100 years ago. Throughout this rugged, steep wilderness,

Stallenbach Creek has carved rushing falls, rapids, ponds, and terraces. Its frothing waters make their way through the gorge shimmering emerald and blue in the depth and mastering the highest cascades. Stunning views are possible from the rim of the gorge. On your way you’ll cross listed “Hohe Brücke” (literally, High Bridge), Tirol’s oldest bridge that dates back to the year 1497. The pilgrimage route to St. Georgenberg links the gorge to Tirol’s oldest place of pilgrimage, situated amidst Karwendel Alpine Park. Built on a rock above Wolfsklamm Gorge, on the remnants of a former hermitage, St. Georgenberg Monastery has an incredible cliff top setting with far reaching views across the Inn Valley, and is a real oasis of tranquillity.

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