Arts & Literature: “Apollo Magazine September 2020”


FEATURES | Tom Stammers on women collectors in 19th-century France; Nalini Malani interviewed by Debika RayAlexander Marr puzzles over Isaac Oliver’s most mysterious portrait; Sophie Barling visits the Villa Carmignac; Thomas Marks on fast food and fine art
REVIEWS | Peter Parker on Barnett Freedman at Pallant House; Caroline Bugler on Cranach at Compton Verney; Tom Fleming on Bill Brandt and Henry Moore at Hepworth Wakefield; Michael Hall on Edwardian houses; Clare Bucknell on visual traces of the English Civil War; Cora Gilroy-Ware on neoclassical style
MARKET | Jo Lawson-Tancred on museums and online shopping; and the latest art market columns from Emma Crichton-MillerSusan Moore and Samuel Reilly
PLUS | Thomas Marks visits the Palazzo Schifanoia in Ferrara; Paul Rennie on public information posters and the pandemicOtto Saumarez Smith condemns plans to destroy Coventry’s post-war architecture; Gareth Harris and Matt Stromberg investigate mass layoffs at museumsRobert O’Byrne on Venice in peril

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