New Aerial Travel Film “Budapest” Is A Gorgeous Collaboration Between Musician Havasi And Filmmaker Andrew Efimov

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Andrew Efimov

Music by: Havasi
Produced by: Timelab
Drone Pilot: Andrey Rodin
Color Correction & Grading: Yaroslav Kuryanovich
Sound Design : Anton Semenov
Design: Alexandra Geletey

Budapest Aerial Travel Film Directed by Andrew Efimov 2019


“This new image-based video clip about Budapest is the result of an international collaboration between the Russian TimeLab video studio and the world-famous Hungarian musician, Havasi. In the video we see sleepy Budapest trams crossing the Széchenyi chain bridge.. dawn over the Danube River.. the majestic layout of the city from a bird’s eye view… the glittering lights of Budapest by night… and the sunset over St Stephen’s Basilica… and all this juxtaposed with the astounding music of Havasi.

The music in the clip is Havasi’s track ‘Golden Eagle’. It catches the special atmosphere, the amazing feeling of flight – and the underlying nobility of the city.

Budapest Aerial Travel Film Directed by Andrew Efimov 2019


The project isn’t their first collaboration with the Russian team. Last year, the Hungarians viewed a film Timelab had made about winter in St Petersburg – and suggested using the footage in one of their clips. This is how their Houdini’s Dream project came about.

Our video team were extremely impressed with Budapest – it’s a phenomenal city. It’s soaked up the best of many of Europe’s greatest cities. Look closely at the architecture, and you find something of everything – a little bit of Paris, a bit of St Petersburg, snippets of London… What really blew us away was the Chain Bridge over the Danube – it’s an iconic symbol of the city. There are no restrictions on filming with drones in Budapest, The Hungarian state authorities and city administration are very laid-back about all that, and want to share what they have with tourists. It meant we had complete creative freedom.”

Budapest Aerial Travel Film Directed by Andrew Efimov 2019


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