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Views: Exploring Europe’s Grand Canyon – The Tara River Gorge, Montenegro

Despite it being known as Europe’s Grand Canyon, most people have not heard of the Tara River Gorge yet. At 1,300 meters depth, it’s the deepest canyon in Europe, and in the same league as its more famous counterpart in the US. The Tara River Gorge is a paradise for rafting fans and nature enthusiasts. Large parts of the canyon are part of the Durmitor National Park in Montenegro, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Euromaxx reporter Hendrik Welling sets out to explore the Tara River Gorge on the water, the peaks, and dangling in the air on a zip line. It’s not only exciting, there are also some stunning views to catch!

Aerial Travel: The ‘Grand Canyon – Arizona’ (Video)

The Grand Canyon  is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in ArizonaUnited States. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide and attains a depth of over a mile (6,093 feet or 1,857 meters).

The canyon and adjacent rim are contained within Grand Canyon National Park, the Kaibab National ForestGrand Canyon–Parashant National Monument, the Hualapai Indian Reservation, the Havasupai Indian Reservation and the Navajo Nation. President Theodore Roosevelt was a major proponent of preservation of the Grand Canyon area and visited it on numerous occasions to hunt and enjoy the scenery.