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New European Art Books: “In Montparnasse – The Emergence Of Surrealism In Paris” By Sue Roe (2019)

From inside the book on Amazon website:

In Montparnasse Sue Roe Chapter 3 excerpt from Amazon website

In Montparnasse Sue Roe CoverIn Montparnasse begins on the eve of the First World War and ends with the 1936 unveiling of Dalí’s Lobster Telephone. As those extraordinary years unfolded, the Surrealists found ever more innovative ways of exploring the interior life, and asking new questions about how to define art. In Montparnasse recounts how this artistic revolution came to be amidst the salons and cafés of that vibrant neighborhood.

Sue Roe is both an incisive art critic of these pieces and a beguiling biographer with a fingertip feel for this compelling world. Beginning with Duchamp, Roe then takes us through the rise of the Dada movement, the birth of Surrealist photography with Man Ray, the creation of key works by Ernst, Cocteau, and others, through the arrival of Dalí. On canvas and in their readymades and other works these artists juxtaposed objects never before seen together to make the viewer marvel at the ordinary—and at the workings of the subconscious. We see both how this art came to be and how the artists of Montparnasse lived.

To find out more: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/533938/in-montparnasse-by-sue-roe/