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Views: How Dandelions Conquered The World

This master engineer uses advanced aerodynamics to conquer vast territories. This is the Dandelion.

Dandelion is a plant with yellow flowers. Taraxacum officinale is the most common variety of this plant, and it grows in many parts of the world. Botanists consider dandelions to be herbs. People use the leaves, stem, flower, and root of the dandelion for medicinal purposes.

Cocktail Books: “Botany At The Bar – The Art & Science Of Making Bitters”

Botany at the Bar The Art & Science of Making Bitters BookBOTANY AT THE BAR

The Art and Science of Making Bitters
Botany at the Bar is a bitter-making handbook with a beautiful, botanical difference—three scientists present the backstories of exciting flavors of plants from around the globe and all in a range of tasty, healthy tinctures. Botanists Selena Ahmed, Ashley Duval, and Rachel Meyer take us on an enlightening trip throughout the plant world as they share their unique expertise on the ecology, cultural practices, and medicinal properties just waiting to be discovered at the bottom of your glass. Notes on the origins of bitters, the science of taste, and phytochemistry are followed by a neat guide on how to extract and make herbal infusions at home. Add enlightening plant profiles with a mix of unique botanical drink recipes, and this is a truly fascinating experiential insight into the vital meaning of biodiversity today.