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African Lodges: Hoanib Skeleton Coast In Namibia

Hoanib’s eight pale olive, luxury tented suites peak like whitecaps on an ocean of sand. Totally solar-powered, Hoanib has a fresh, contemporary design, with a colour palette reflecting the surrounding desert. The camp (suites, common areas, pool) looks out on a wide, rugged valley that slopes down to the usually dry Hoanib River. One of many highlights: dining under impossibly starry skies, perhaps perhaps at the firepit as a jackal cries, or a lion roars, punctuating the stillness of the inky night.

Explore the Namib Desert’s rust-coloured crags and arid plains in search of desert-adapted wildlife – elephants, lions, hyaenas, giraffes, oryxes among the regular sightings. Take a rollicking drive over the floodplain and dunes to the Skeleton Coast, a wild stretch of the Atlantic where the desert meets the sea, where white sand beaches are littered with whale bones and shipwreck remains. Fly back to camp for an aerial view of what seems uninhabitable, but is full of life. Walk with a guide to witness that life, including the smaller creatures, a fascinating variety of birds and unusual flora. Discover the remnants of Strandloper – Beachcomber – lifestyle from centuries past. Linger in the camp’s wildlife research centre to learn about the latest local conservation initiatives.


African Lodges: Zannier Hotels Sonop In Namibia

The opulence of old-world safari is alive and well at Zannier Hotels Sonop, a luxury tented camp set in the wilds of Namibia’s southeastern corner.

Conjuring up an image of rugged explorers, the word ‘safari’ is one of the most evocative in the history of travel. Zannier Hotels Sonop effortlessly captures this old-world charm with opulent tents, separate cocktail and cigar lounge, open-air cinema and gastronomic restaurant.

The 10 spacious tents are constructed on top of boulders, reflecting the life of yesteryear’s wealthy explorers. Furnished with antiques, colorful carpets and precious wood, these lavish accommodations capture the look and feel of a bygone era. Panoramic views look out onto otherworldly desert landscapes, while in-tent telescopes invite dreamy stargazing moments.