African Lodges: Zannier Hotels Sonop In Namibia

The opulence of old-world safari is alive and well at Zannier Hotels Sonop, a luxury tented camp set in the wilds of Namibia’s southeastern corner.

Conjuring up an image of rugged explorers, the word ‘safari’ is one of the most evocative in the history of travel. Zannier Hotels Sonop effortlessly captures this old-world charm with opulent tents, separate cocktail and cigar lounge, open-air cinema and gastronomic restaurant.

The 10 spacious tents are constructed on top of boulders, reflecting the life of yesteryear’s wealthy explorers. Furnished with antiques, colorful carpets and precious wood, these lavish accommodations capture the look and feel of a bygone era. Panoramic views look out onto otherworldly desert landscapes, while in-tent telescopes invite dreamy stargazing moments.


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