Previews: The Economist Magazine – May 13, 2023

Is Chinese power about to peak? | The Economist

The Economist – May 6, 2023 issue:

Is Chinese power about to peak?

The country’s historic ascent is levelling off. That need not make it more dangerous

The rise of China has been a defining feature of the world for the past four decades. Since the country began to open up and reform its economy in 1978, its gdp has grown by a dizzying 9% a year, on average. That has allowed a staggering 800m Chinese citizens to escape from poverty. Today China accounts for almost a fifth of global output. The sheer size of its market and manufacturing base has reshaped the global economy. Xi Jinping, who has ruled China for the past decade, hopes to use his country’s increasing heft to reshape the geopolitical order, too.

Small, sensible steps could help ease America’s border woes

The art of the practical in dealing with migrants, drugs and gangs

The rehabilitation of Syria’s dictator raises awkward questions for the West

Clearer principles about how and when to ease sanctions are needed


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