The Arts: Insights Of The ‘Louvre Looks’ Film Series

The twelfth film was conceived by artist Bianca Bondi. In her video, she undertook to convey the sense of timelessness and existence beyond time that is the very fabric of the Louvre.

Musée du Louvre (April 20, 2023) – As part of its contemporary programs, the Louvre has invited twenty young creative figures to present their take on the museum in the form of a 3:30 min film.

The “Louvre Looks” initiative brings together creatives under forty – whether they come from the visual arts, poetry, film, experimental music, or fashion. They created new films in the palace itself and thus reconnect with the past of the Louvre – which hosted artist studios even before it became a museum.

These films go live every Thursday on YouTube. Over the course of twenty weeks, you will be given the opportunity to discover many fresh insights into the Louvre.

The tenth film was conceived by painter, performer, and musician Eliza Douglas. She assembled images released by visitors on their Instagram feed to give a polyphonic image of the museum’s lives through its audiences – your Louvre.

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