Previews: The Economist Magazine – April 8, 2023


The Economist – April 8, 2023 issue:

The case for an environmentalism that builds

Economic growth should help, not hinder, the fight against climate change

The sheer majesty of a five-megawatt wind turbine, its central support the height of a skyscraper, its airliner-wingspan rotors tilling the sky, is hard to deny. 

What America has got wrong about gender medicine

Too many doctors have suspended their professional judgment

For many Americans, the great tragedy of trans rights is the story of how Republican governors and state legislatures are stigmatising some of society’s most put-upon people—all too often in a cynical search for votes. This newspaper shares their dismay at these vicious tactics. In a free society it is not the government’s place to tell adults how to live and dress, which pronouns to use, or what to do with their bodies.

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