Front Page: The New York Times – April 6, 2023


Wisconsin Rout Points to Democrats’ Enduring Post-Dobbs Strength

Janet Protasiewicz, second from right, celebrated her victory in Wisconsin’s Supreme Court race with the three sitting liberal justices, from left, Jill Karofsky, Rebecca Dallet and Ann Walsh Bradley.

A resounding victory by a liberal judge who ran on abortion rights showed that a largely unified political left is keeping up its momentum, and served as a new warning sign to Republicans.

Trump’s Charges Bring Doubts, Hopes and Uncertainty in Both Parties

In the coming months, former President Donald J. Trump will have to balance his presidential campaign with court proceedings and possibly a trial in New York.

To some Republicans and Democrats, the charges appeared flimsy and less consequential than many had hoped. To others, the case had the potential to reverberate politically.

In Ohio, Electric Cars Are Starting to Reshape Jobs and Companies

The state, heavily dependent on the auto industry, is a case study in whether electric vehicles will create or destroy jobs.

Zelensky Gets Hero’s Welcome in Poland, Cementing Ukraine’s Ties

Polish leaders backed Ukraine’s bid for NATO membership, but even without that, Russia’s invasion is making the alliance’s eastern flank more united, and more important.


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