2022 Views: Architectural Photography Awards List

The Official 2022 Architectural Photography Awards Photo of the Year Shortlist

Alex Nye – Scripps Pier

Scripps Pier in San Diego, CA as photographed by Alex Nye. See more of Alex’s work at AlexNyeArt.com and on Instagram @AlexNyeArt.

Ekansh Goel – Subterranean Ruins

Subterranean Ruins as photographed by Ekansh Goel. See more of Ekansh’s work at studiorecall.in and on Instagram @ekansh_goel.

Gerry O’Leary – Gio Forma (Maraya Concert Hall)

The Maraya Concert Hall as photographed by Gerry O’Leary. Gerry has named this photo “Gio Forma.” See more of Gerry’s work at gerryoleary.com and on Instagram @gerryolearyphotography.

Jason O’Rear – Portal

Entry Portal in Dubai designed by Asif Khan as photographed by Jason O’Rear. See more of Jason’s work at jasonorear.com and on Instagram @jasonorear.

Muhammad Almasri – Dubai Expo’s Kazakhstan Pavilion

Kazakhstan Pavilion at the Dubai Expo as photographed by Muhammad Almasri. See more of Muhammad’s work here or on Instagram @mmalmasri.



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