Research Preview: Nature Magazine – March 30, 2023

Volume 615 Issue 7954

nature Magazine – March 30, 2023 issue: Medieval people on the Swahili coast of East Africa were among the first sub-Saharan people to practise Islam. David Reich, Chapurukha Kusimba and colleagues sequenced DNA from 80 individuals buried in six medieval and early modern coastal Swahili stone towns, dating between 1250 and 1800. Their analysis shows that African women and Asian men began mixing along the East African coast before the year 1000, and that the earliest Asian migrants were of largely Persian origin. 

A gem of a material could provide a shield for spacecraft

Material that includes carbon with the same structure as diamond could be used to protect satellites from space radiation.

It’s bad! Awful! Negative headlines draw more readers

People scrolling online news are 1% less likely to click on an article for each positive word in its title.

GPT-4 is here: what scientists think

Researchers are excited about the AI — but many are frustrated that its underlying engineering is cloaked in secrecy.


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