Books: The New York Times Book Review – Nov 13, 2022

Illustrated by Chloe Niclas

Inside the November 13, 2022 Issue

Elizabeth Hardwick’s Master Class on Literature and Life

In his elegiac memoir, “Come Back in September,” the novelist and critic Darryl Pinckney recalls his former writing teacher and lifelong friend, and the vibrant New York intellectual world they once inhabited.

Read Your Way Through Helsinki

Pajtim Statovci shares his love of Finnish literature and the books that helped him, a child of immigrants, to find his voice and grow from reader to award-winning writer.

Siddhartha Mukherjee Finds Medical Mystery — and Metaphor — in the Tiny Cell

“The Song of the Cell,” the latest work by the Pulitzer Prize-winning oncologist, recounts our evolving understanding of the body’s smallest structural and functional unit — and its implications for everything from immune therapy and in vitro fertilization to Covid-19.

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