Architecture: ‘Plateau Residence’ By Michael Hennessey Architects


Plateau Residence

The severe topography and the intense climatic conditions at the site are the two primary factors that influence the design of this single-family residence. The building is situated on a plateau located above a steep, ambitious climb. The massing of the building is kept low to the ground to respect the existing topography below the plateau and to create a direct connection between the interior spaces and the surrounding landscape.

The site experiences relatively severe temperature swings from winter to summer. As a means to mediate a proper climatic response, a strategy is developed to relate the massing and fenestration specifically to the function of the public and private spaces of the residence. The public living spaces are defined with an abundance of glazing that is shaded with deep overhangs, horizontal slats, and vertical fins. Conversely, the private bedroom and bathroom spaces are shielded from the hot afternoon sun by stone walls.

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