Walking Tour: Murano Island In Venice, Italy (4K)

The island of Murano is renowned for its long tradition of glass-making. Ferry-loads of visitors come to explore the Museo del Vetro, which tells the story of glass through the centuries, and to shop for locally crafted souvenirs. Built in the Romanesque style, the Church of Santa Maria and San Donato has a colorful mosaic floor and supposedly houses the bones of a slain dragon. 

Recorded On 01 August 2021

Video timeline: 0:00:00​ – Intro 0:01:25 – Murano Faro Vaporetto Station 0:11:46​ – Campo Santo Stefano 0:14:14​ – Ponte Longo 0:25:00​ – Campo San Donato 0:31:26​ – Ponte de le terese 0:35:21​ – Campo S. Bernardo 0:40:28​ – Ponte Longo 0:49:54​ – Murano Colonna Vaporetto Station

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