Walks: ‘Embassy Quarter – Vienna, Austria’ (4K Video)

This walk takes place in the so-called embassy quarter of Vienna or diplomatic quarter in the third district of Vienna (Landstraße). Situated near the first district, this quarter in vienna is one of the most beautiful, if you want to see history of vienna, including old beautiful buildings.

Video recorded: March 15, 2021

Video timeline: 0:00​ Vienna Rennweg Train Station 1:00​ Rennweg 14:00​ Am Heumarkt 16:10​ Lothringerstraße 19:40​ Johannesgasse 20:55​ Am Heumarkt 24:20​ Reisnerstraße 33:35​ Jaurèsgasse 35:40​ Rechte Bahngasse 38:30​ Neulinggasse

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