Nature In Winter: ‘Ice Sculptures’ In Målselva, Norway (4K Video)

Filmed and Edited by: Night Light Films

As it has been a long time since our last release, and because big things are on the way, we are starting a new series of short documentaries based on the stunning nature around northern Norway. It is also a way for us to flag the current saddening state of the Arctic and how climate change is affecting it more / faster than any other part or the world.

This series of clips were taken in Målselva, Norway on January 10th 2020. Typically at this time of year and around that inland area, temperature are much colder and rivers are dormant, buried under feet of snow. This year, however, is a total different story. For the past years, we’ve been seeing a general trend with much milder, later winters with very little snow until February. This year, Tromsø has had zero centimeters thus far, which is quite alarming. Rivers should barely be running or visible.

The Målselva is a river in Målselv Municipality in Troms og Finnmark county, Norway. The 140-kilometre (87 mi) long river flows through the Målselvdalen valley and then empties into the Målselvfjorden, an arm of the Malangen fjord. The municipality and the valley through which the river runs are both named after the river.

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