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Nature: White Mountains Of New Hampshire (2023)

January 29, 2023: We leave you this Sunday morning in a snowstorm, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Videographer: Scot Miller.

There are 733 named mountains in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The highest and most prominent of these mountains is Mount Washington, which stands at a respectable 6,288 feet (1,917 meters), making it the tallest peak in the Northeastern United States.

While the peaks of the White Mountains don’t manage to break the 6,500 ft (1,981m) barrier, they are home to some of the most difficult hiking terrain and worst weather in the continental United States.

View: Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, California

“Sunday Morning” takes us to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest – trees that date back thousands of years – at Inyo National Forest in California’s White Mountains. Videographer: Lee McEachern.

Travel Video: The ‘Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest’ In Northern California

This year’s backpacking trip to the California High Sierra got hijacked by forest fires. When I arrived in late October the sky was thick with smoke from a fire on the Western slopes. As a result, the entire Inyo national forest was closed, so this trip morphed into five days of driving up and down the Sierras. I spent one day exploring the White Mountains east of the Sierras where the sky was a little less hazy. Here is home to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. These rare trees grow between 9,800 and 11,000 feet in very harsh conditions. In one grove a tree named Methuselah, at 4,852 years old, is considered the world’s oldest known living organism. This video reveals some of the brute beauty of these ancient trees, and introduces the austere high country of the White Mountains. 

The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is a protected area high in the White Mountains in Inyo County in eastern California. The Great Basin bristlecone pine trees grow between 9,800 and 11,000 feet above sea level, in xeric alpine conditions, protected within the Inyo National Forest.