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Future Of Mobile Living: “2021 Living Vehicle” – “Top Off-Grid Power & Luxury”

Enjoy a luxurious mobile living experience with all the comforts of home. The 2021 Living Vehicle combines beautiful aesthetics with the functionality of a modern home.

Excellence in design is achieved when there is nothing left to take away. Clean lines, European fixtures and marine grade influences elevate Living Vehicle to a stunning yet functional work of art.

Go where you want and do what you want. Living Vehicle is engineered to withstand the demands of even the most extreme outdoor adventures. Four-season capabilities, off-road running gear, and storage for all your toys make sure fun has no limits.


Retirement Life: Former Canadian Hockey Player Chooses To Travel In His “Living Vehicle” (Video)

Justin Kelly Hockey PlayerProfessional Canadian athlete Justin Kelly celebrates retirement by hitting the road on his motorcycle and enjoying the waves in Malibu. Share in Justin’s vision for sustaining his love for travel after retiring his #27 jersey and  completing a remarkable ice hockey career.



Website: https://www.livingvehicle.com/

Luxury Trailers: The 2020 Living Vehicle Is A Refined Net-Zero Mobile Space

From an online 2020 Living Vehicle news release:

2020 Living Vehicle InteriorThe difference is simple. There is nothing else like Living Vehicle. Every inch is designed and built without compromise. Our mission is to create a Net-Zero vehicle capable of supporting the best possible human life. No energy in, no waste out. We are guided by this vision and grow closer to this goal every single day. 

Living Vehicle Layout

2020 Living Vehicle Interior Kitchen DeckGoing far beyond industry standards, 2020 introduces a Living Vehicle with unprecedented capabilities. We’ve partnered with the most advanced and innovative products from the military, disaster relief and marine sectors and now have several patents pending. From being able to power the AC with solar to technologies that create life sustaining resources, the 2020 model is a true functional work of art. 

Guided by the design virtues of quality, functionality and beauty, our goal is to create a travel and living experience that is uniquely yours, in the most advanced, luxurious and capable vehicle on earth.

Brochure: https://www.paperturn-view.com/living-vehicle/2020-brochure?pid=NTM53129&v=8

Website: https://www.livingvehicle.com/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Newsletter&utm_campaign=1st-order-yours#Story

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