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Morning News Podcast: U.S. Economy, Gold Prices & Covid-19 Vaccine Sites

A.M. Edition for April 2. WSJ’s Paul Hannon on the impact the U.S.’s expected economic expansion may have on the global economy this year. 

Gold futures have their worst quarter since 2016. Getting a Covid-19 shot is a celebration at some vaccination sites. Keith Collins hosts.

The Arts: ‘Water Gilding – How It Is Done’ (V&A Video)

Water gilding is a process which makes wood look like gold. Follow the stages involved in gilding a wooden frame – from brushing on layers of gesso (glue and chalk mixture), to applying and burnishing the gold leaf.

How to make a gilded frame: Glue applied to wood: 00:27​ Gesso mixed and applied in layers: 00:34​ Gesso smoothed with dried horsetail plant: 00:46​ Details cut into the base: 00:58​ Yellow ochre pigment applied: 01:07​ Bole applied: 01:20​ Surface is smoothed with a brush: 01:29​ Water is brushed on and gold leaf is applied: 01:56​ An animal tooth is used to burnish the surface: 02:15​ Frame is coated with glue for an even finish: 02:33