Architecture: Hepburn’s Road House, New Zealand

The Local Project (March 31, 2023) – Bordered by the Southern Alps on one side and the sea on the other, Hepburn’s Road House by Warren and Mahoney and Detail by Davinia Sutton is a country home that responds to the New Zealand landscape.

Video timeline: 00:00 – Introduction to the Ultimate Country Home 01:08 – A Symmetrical Home 01:27 – Using Durable Materials 01:52 – An Anecdote to a Town House 02:11 – The transition Between Inside and Outside 02:29 – The Theme of Longevity 02:55 – An Honest and Tailored Approach to Detailing 04:01 – Meeting the Needs of Entertaining 04:18 – Proud Moments 04:35 – Favourite Aspects of the Home 04:45 – Elegant Spaces of Good Proportions

Using a range of trees, orchards, a tennis court and walls, the architects slowly reveal the country home, creating an air of suspense as nothing is immediately available upon arrival. With its symmetrical layout, the home begins with a long gallery at the front entrance with bedrooms on either side and a large living space that is placed behind. To deal with a tough site and the New Zealand climate, Warren and Mahoney employed materials that directly respond to these challenges while also providing durability. Such materials used include concrete, timber weatherboard, profiled metal roof and cladding, timber shutters and flooring, and stone.

Designed to be an antidote to the townhouse, the employed materials of the country home also respond to the difference between the types of homes and, in turn, the difference between city and country living. As such, the approach towards relaxation, level of formality and materials used allows the country home to become a place that the owners can find shelter and freedom. Used to break down the transition between inside and outside, moving timber shutters are placed over the operable glass doors and walls to help create versatile uses for the spaces.

Additionally, the themes of longevity, proportions, symmetry, and the juxtaposition between the interiors and the exterior façade, helped to lead the design choices by Detail by Davinia Sutton. Embracing New Zealand design throughout the build, with an honest and tailored approach, the interior designer offers a sincere tactic delivered with a contained palette. Seen through the bedrooms, the calming palette is a union of travertine stone alongside honed and soft finishes that add a wholeness to the private spaces. Addressing the needs and requirements of the home’s landscape, the interior design incorporates elements that answer these needs directly.

Experienced within the laundry, the room has been turned into a mud room that allows the owners to freshen up before entering the home. Furthermore, extra storage has been introduced with appliances such as a wine fridge and cool and dry fridges, which offer a prolonged ability to store produce. Finished with Fisher & Paykel appliances, the country home integrates a refined ease of living for the owners and responds to their love for entertaining. Deepening the connection and celebration of landscape and entertainment, Warren and Mahoney’s work seamlessly unites with Detail by Davinia Sutton’s interior design so that the owners can easily transition from inside to outside living.


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