Front Page: The New York Times – March 29, 2023


‘We’re Going Away’: A State’s Choice to Forgo Medicaid Funds Is Killing Hospitals

Greenwood Leflore Hospital in Mississippi lost $17 million last year, as rural hospitals nationwide struggle to deal with population declines, soaring labor costs, and a long-term shift toward outpatient care.

Mississippi is one of 10 states, all with Republican-led legislatures, that continue to reject federal funding to expand health insurance for the poor, intensifying financial pressure on hospitals.

As Migrants’ Desperation Mounts at the Border, a Fire Kills Dozens

A fire broke out at a government-run migrant detention facility in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, on Monday night, killing dozens of migrants who were inside.

The fatal blaze comes as border cities across Mexico have been flooded with migrants turned back from the United States and more arriving from other countries.

Tinkering With ChatGPT, Workers Wonder: Will This Take My Job?

Artificial intelligence is confronting white-collar professionals more directly than ever. It could make them more productive — or obsolete.

As King Charles Moves to Center Stage, So Do His Impersonators

Long overshadowed by other royal look-alikes, Charles imitators are experiencing newfound popularity ahead of the king’s coronation in May.

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