Front Page: The New York Times – March 24, 2023


Lawmakers Blast TikTok’s C.E.O. for App’s Ties to China, Escalating Tensions

TikTok’s C.E.O., Shou Chew, listening to Representative Kat Cammack’s questions during the hearing on Thursday.

Lawmakers grilled Shou Chew, TikTok’s chief executive, over the app’s ties to its Chinese parent company and its effects on children, as Chinese officials said they opposed a sale of the platform.

Netanyahu Digs In on Court Overhaul, in the Face of Mass Protests

Amid a national crisis over a planned judicial overhaul, Israel’s Parliament approved a bill making it much harder to remove a prime minister from office.

As Dreams of Peace Wither, Nightmares Flourish in Ukraine’s Sleep

A survey asked hundreds of wartime Ukrainians what they dreamed about. Many replied: the war.

How Manhattan Hotels Became Refuges for Thousands of Migrants

The city has spent millions to convert upscale hotels, humble motels and even office buildings into housing for an influx of migrants.


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