Front Page: The New York Times – March 12, 2023


Biden Administration Expected to Move Ahead on a Major Oil Project in Alaska

The decision would allow an enormous $8 billion drilling project in the largest expanse of pristine wilderness in the United States.

Inside the Global Race to Turn Water Into Fuel

Hundreds of billions of dollars are being invested in a high-tech gamble to make hydrogen clean, cheap and widely available. In Australia’s Outback, that starts with 10 million new solar panels.

Chinese-Brokered Deal Upends Mideast Diplomacy and Challenges U.S.

The agreement negotiated in Beijing to restore relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran signaled at least a temporary reordering of the usual alliances and rivalries, with Washington left on the sidelines.

Fox’s P.R. Woes May Not Directly Translate to Legal Ones

Some of the unflattering private messages among the network’s hosts and executives may never become evidence when Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation case against Fox News goes to trial.

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