Front Page: The New York Times – March 5, 2023


How the Fall of Roe Turned North Carolina Into an Abortion Destination

The state, which is near others with abortion bans and restrictions, has had a 37 percent rise in abortions since the constitutional right to abortion was overturned.

A New Front Line in the Debate Over Policing: A Forest Near Atlanta

Six weeks after a protester was shot and killed, officials are bracing for more confrontations with activists seeking to stop a police and fire training center.

Whirring Into Action in Ukraine’s Skies

Against the odds, Ukraine’s helicopter brigades are not only still operational, but are an inspirational component of its war effort.

Inside the Panic at Fox News After the 2020 Election

“If we hadn’t called Arizona,” said Suzanne Scott, the network’s chief executive, according to a recording reviewed by The New York Times, “our ratings would have been bigger.”

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