Front Page: The New York Times – January 13, 2023


Garland Appoints Special Counsel to Investigate Handling of Biden Documents

The appointment of Robert K. Hur comes two months after the attorney general named a special counsel to investigate former President Donald J. Trump’s mishandling of classified material.

Inflation Is Slowing, Good News for American Consumers and the Fed

Consumer Price Index inflation moderated to 6.5 percent in December, helping Fed officials to lean toward slower rate moves.

Western Tanks Appear Headed to Ukraine, Breaking Another Taboo

The West has sent an array of weapons once seen as too provocative, and it looks like tanks will be next. With a new Russian offensive expected, officials see an urgent need to shift the balance.

With F.B.I. Search, U.S. Escalates Global Fight Over Chinese Police Outposts

Beijing says the outposts aren’t doing police work, but Chinese state media reports say they “collect intelligence” and solve crimes far outside their jurisdiction.

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