Small Towns: Harmony In Central Coast California

ERIC MINH SWENSON ART FILMS – At a population of 18, Harmony is by far the tiniest town in The Land of SLO CAL. But a short stroll through this village reveals a big heart and even bigger history just waiting to be explored. Harmony served as the capital of SLO CAL’s booming dairy industry for nearly five decades until the milk money dried up. Lots of folks moved away, but those who stayed decided to get creative.

Today, the town is a vibrant artist’s haven. Wander through the glassworks shop to find handblown pieces created right before your eyes or watch sculptors hard at work behind the potter’s wheel. Its quirky art and funky facades are a magnet for wander lusters. Check out Harmony’s famous chapel, part-time post office and gardens — all of which have become hotspots for weddings, picnics, and photo ops. 

This little town continues to grow in reputation. Take a short detour off Pacific Coast Highway and stop in to see all the enchanting renovations underway. You’ll find peaceful Harmony nestled between San Simeon’s Hearst Castle and Paso Robles‘ world-renowned wine region. Just keep your eyes peeled for the iconic population 18 sign. 


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