Reviews: Top Books To Read – November 2022

‘Indivisible’ Review: One and Inseparable

Indivisible|Joel Richard Paul

At a time of mutual hatred and bitter division, Daniel Webster argued for the primacy of a unifying political idea. Review by Fergus M. Bordewich

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Indivisible : Daniel Webster and the Birth of American Nationalism

by Joel Richard Paul

‘Arthur Miller’ Review: Only Truth for Sale

Arthur Miller|John Lahr

In plays like ‘Death of a Salesman’ and ‘The Crucible,’ Miller gave voice to the anxieties behind the optimism of mid-20th-century America. Review by Willard Spielgelman

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Arthur Miller : American Witness

by John Lahr

Fiction: ‘The Magic Kingdom’ by Russell Banks

The Magic Kingdom|Russell Banks

Plus ‘Toad’ by Katherine Dunn and ‘Now Is Not the Time to Panic’ by Kevin Wilson. Review by Sam Sacks

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The Magic Kingdom


by Russell Banks

Five Best: Books on Memory

Selected by Joshua Landy, the author of ‘The World According to Proust.’

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