Design: Seymour House In Melbourne, Australia

An Architect’s own home, Seymour House is inserted as a respectful addition to its neighbourhood, openly embracing the streetscape lined with heritage-listed properties and modernist gems. In crafting the dwelling, Lani Fixler of Lani Fixler Studio has created a place that is private and personal whilst also engaging in an open conversation with the surrounds.

Timeline: 00:00 – The Local Project Print Publication 00:10 – Creating a Family Home 00:40 – Introduction to the Home 01:25 – Entering the Modernist Home 02:04 – Walking through the Home 02:47 – The Bedrooms and Bathrooms 03:19 – Landscaping 03:40 – Courtyard Sculpture 03:54 – Artwork Throughout the Home 04:29 – What the Architect is Most Proud Of 05:00 – Subscribe to The Local Project Print Publication

Located in a south-eastern suburb of Melbourne, Seymour House is an architect’s own home that draws from Lani Fixler Studio’s long-standing familiarity with the built environment. The project is one that expertly merges personal responses with the contextual. In the construction of Seymour House, a connection to the street was important, as well as embracing the constricted site instead of challenging it. Sitting adjacent to Harleston Park, Seymour House is an architect’s own home crafted to be a continuation of its natural setting, with only two concrete plinths defining the barrier between the public and the private. Throughout the building, modernism is championed through a natural and restrained materiality with the use of concrete, terrazzo, timber and slate. The consistency with which the palette is applied – with blockwork featuring as both an internal and external architectural element – celebrates the environment surrounding an architect’s own home. Expressing considered detail and the characteristics of an architect’s own home, Seymour House is imbued with a sense of personality that uplifts its understated aesthetic. Crafted to complement the history and culture of the surrounding neighbourhood, Lani Fixler Studio graciously allows past narratives to continue as new chapters unfold.

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