Front Page View: The New York Times – May 15, 2022

How America Lost One Million People

Understanding the death toll — who makes up the one million and how the country failed them — is essential as the pandemic continues.


  1. For Putin, a Nordic Nightmare Is Springing to LifeBy MARC SANTORA and NATALIE KITROEFFPage A4
  2. To Survive, Some Afghans Sift Through Deadly Remnants of Old WarsBy THOMAS GIBBONS-NEFF, SAFIULLAH PADSHAH and KIANA HAYERIPage A6
  3. Mohammed bin Zayed, an Ambitious U.S. Partner, Rises to Lead the U.A.E.By BEN HUBBARDPage A8
  4. North Korea Says Its Covid Outbreak Is Spreading FastBy CHOE SANG-HUN

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