Tours: The ‘J&J Residence’ – Modern, Energy Efficient In Chandler, Australia

Refined and energy-efficient, J&J Residence is a modern house crafted by Hogg & Lamb. Using rammed earth as its hero material, the architectural design practice creates an aesthetically pleasing home that works harder for the environment than it may first appear.

Timeline: 00:00 – Introduction to the Modern Home 00:31 – Entering the Home 01:20 – The Rammed Earth Wall 02:24 – Building a Sustainable Home 02:47 – Sustainable Design Features 03:18 – The Unexpected Quality of Rammed Earth 03:44 – Materials Used 04:23 – What the Architect is Most Proud Of

J&J Residence is located in the Brisbane suburb of Chandler – an evolving suburb with a growing number of large-scale residences. Externally, Hogg & Lamb breaks up the visual solidity of the modern house with sections of glazing across the home’s two floors – the resulting façade evokes the image of stone fingers rising from the eroded hillside. Entering the modern house, residents find that the low front doorway precedes an impressive double-height entry space.

By purposefully juxtaposing the scale of the doorway and entry space, Hogg & Lamb creates a sense of experiential release so that the internal architecture of the home can be appreciated with a sense of relaxation. The architecture and interior design of J&J Residence is largely influenced by the use of rammed earth walls.

Alongside travertine, spotted gum and Viridian EnergyTech grey glass, the textural material of rammed earth establishes a raw, natural and calming material palette. The material is also integral to the energy efficiency of the modern house, featuring high thermal mass that keeps the house warm in winter and cool in summer. J&J Residence represents a triumphant first project for Hogg & Lamb. A modern house of style and sustainability, the residence demonstrates the versatility of its material palette.

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