Views: Fashion Designer Home Tour In Los Angeles

Tag along to Los Angeles for a behind the scenes visit with Libertine fashion designer Johnson Hartig in his new Hancock Park home, Basket Case. Discover how Johnson has created an exotic retreat for himself, melding collections, color and pattern for a one of a kind personal expression of everything he loves.

Hear how he channeled inspiration from Piero Castellini’s famous house in Milan for hand painted murals in his living room. Watch as Johnson explains how during COVID lockdown he spent hours creating a multi layered grotto fantasy in his dining room based on his own Plates and Platters wallpaper for Schumacher. Learn how Johnson melds his many collections for an effortless mix of high and low, eras, and locations around the globe.

Johnson’ incredible resourcefulness and obsessive research fuels all his creative endeavors for a unique cross pollination of ideas and DIY ingenuity. Watch as Johnson shares resources, creative tips and how he brings the outside in and why he thinks Sister Parish would have loved his house. You’ll be inspired, informed and entertained!! For more visit quintessenceblog.comSHOW LESS

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