Walks: Old Fisherman’s Wharf & Cannery Row In Monterey, California

Monterey is a city located in Monterey County on the southern edge of Monterey Bay on California’s central coast. The Cannery Row, once a center of sardine canning factories, was immortalized by novelist John Steinbeck through his well-known novel Cannery Row.

Cannery Row is now a tourist attraction with shops, restaurants and hotels, several of which are located in former cannery buildings, and a few historic attractions. The Monterey Bay Aquarium on Cannery Row is one of the largest aquariums in North America, and several marine science laboratories, including Hopkins Marine Station are located in the area.

The Aquarium revitalized the neighborhood and it is now the number one tourist destination on the Monterey Peninsula. Monterey’s historic Fisherman’s Wharf was constructed in 1845, reconstructed in 1870 and is now a commercial shopping and restaurant district with several whale watching entities operating at the end of its pier. Used as an active wholesale fish market into the 1960s, the wharf eventually became a tourist attraction as commercial fishing tapered off in the area.

Timestamps: 00:00 – Monterey Conference Center / Portola Hotel & Spa 02:05 – Custom House Plaza 05:30 – Old Fisherman’s Wharf 14:45 – Monterey Bay Coastal Trail 26:35 – San Carlos Beach 30:35 – Cannery Row 34:45 – Monterey Bay Coastal Trail 38:30 – Cannery Row 41:25 – Steinbeck Plaza 44:00 – Cannery Row 47:30 – Monterey Bay Aquarium 51:20 – Cannery Row 58:30 – Monterey Bay Coastal Trail 1:04:30 – Welcome to the City of Monterey Sign

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