Walks: ‘Kaminarimon Gate Senso-ji, Tokyo’ (4K Video)

The Kaminarimon is the outer of two large entrance gates that ultimately leads to the Sensō-ji in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. The gate, with its lantern and statues, is popular with tourists. It stands 11.7 m tall, 11.4 m wide and covers an area of 69.3 m².

Video timeline: 【Locations】 00:00​ Preview 00:24​ Starting Point 00:32​ Kaminarimon Gate / 雷門 00:56​ Nakamise Shopping Street / 仲見世商店街 06:12​ Five-Storied Pagoda / 五重塔 06:26​ Hōzōmon Gate / 宝蔵門 16:38​ Denpoin Street / 伝法院通 24:38​ Shin Nakamise Shopping Street / 新仲見世商店街

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