Walks: ‘Abbey Of Farga’ In Central Italy (4K Video)

Farfa Abbey is a territorial abbey in northern Lazio, central Italy. It is one of the most famous abbeys of Europe. It belongs to the Benedictine Order and is located about 60 km from Rome, in the commune of Fara Sabina, of which it is also a hamlet.

Video timeline: 0:00 – [Brief Intro] 1:33 – [Abbey of Farfa walking tour begins] 4:00 – [Piazza Shuster] 5:22 – [Via di Porta Montopoli] 8:45 – [St.Benedict – Patron of Europe statue] 9:16 – [Small shops of souvenirs and art galleries] 12:37 – [Abbey of Farfa – small tour inside] 13:50 – [Back in the tiny village] 15:11 – [Inside the old cloister] 18:00 – [Via del Monastero / Monastery road]

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