Walks: ‘Ortigia Island, Syracuse In Sicily’ (Video)

Ortygia is a small island which is the historical centre of the city of Syracuse, Sicily. The island, also known as the Città Vecchia, contains many historical landmarks. The name originates from the ancient Greek ortyx, which means “Quail”.

Video timeline: 0:00​ Drone intro and Map 1:59​ Walk begins at Ponte Umbertino 3:41​ Archimedes Statue 6:59​ Temple of Apollo 8:26​ Outdoor Market 15:42​ Temple of Apollo 18:24​ Via Cavour 22:58​ Piazza Duomo 23:43​ Cathedral of Syracuse 31:24​ Piazza Minerva 33:21​ Via Roma 34:56​ Piazza Archimede 36:53​ Fish House Art Gallery 41:06​ Porta Marina 42:07​ Foro Vittorio Emanuele II 48:43​ Giardino Aretusa 50:54​ Lungomare and Arethusa Spring 57:30​ Ortigia Promenade 1:07:35​ Forte Vigliena 1:15:40​ Jewish Quarter 1:20:24​ Piazza Minerva 1:24:58​ Largo Aretusa 1:26:59​ Lungomare and Arethusa Spring

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