New Walking Tour Video: ‘Lübeck – Germany’ (2020)

Lübeck is a northern German city distinguished by Brick Gothic architecture, which dates to its time as the medieval capital of the Hanseatic League, a powerful trading confederation. Its symbol is the Holstentor, a red-brick city gate that defended the river-bounded Altstadt (old town). Rebuilt following WW II, the Marienkirche is a 13th–14th-century landmark that widely influenced Northern European church design. 

Timeline: 0:00 Lübeck Hauptbahnhof 1:00 Bus station (ZOB) 3:00 Hansestraße / Lindenplatz 5:15 Puppenbrücke 8:00 Holstentor 12:00 Western City Center 16:00 Breite Straße 17:00 Markt 19:00 Breite Straße / Marienkirche 21:15 Fischstraße / Breite Straße 27:00 Beckergrube 33:00 Along the Trave River 40:00 Back to the City Center 43:00 St. Jakobi Kirche 45:00 Towards the Northern Old Town 48:00 Burgtor

Filmed in September 2020

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