New Aerial Travel Video: Pamukkale & The Blue Mosque In Turkey (2020)

Pamukkale – Imagine a glorious spectacle of white terraces made of sedimentary rocks. There are pools on the white terraces. That’s Pamukkale, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist attraction in Turkey. Pamukkale, Turkish for “cotton castle,” is a surreal natural landscape located in southwestern Turkey. The pools on the white terraces have high mineral content, and people have bathed in them for thousands of years. Also, expect to find hot springs and limestone walls in Pamukkale.

Blue Mosque – The Blue Mosque sports six minarets and majestic architecture. Situated in Istanbul and built in the 1600s, this historic Turkish attraction and place of worship entreats with an opulent interior lined with thousands and thousands of blue tiles that are adorned by various patterns. Find the mihrab, the central element in the mosque. It is a beautifully carved marble with a stalactite recess.

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