New Aerial Travel Videos: ‘Bergamo Orobie Forests’, Val Seriana, Italy (2020)

Filmed and Edited by: Luciano Bosticco

The video was shot with the intention of highlighting the natural beauties of the upper Val Seriana, in the Bergamo Orobie. The shots, carried out in the summer and autumn, aim to analyze the mountain environment from the high peaks to the valley floor, characterized by extensive woodland coverage. It is precisely on the forest heritage that the greatest attention has been paid to the sequence of images, passing from wide panoramic views to some details of the undergrowth up to peculiar alpine floral manifestations.

The Bergamo Orobie Mountains Park is a protected area that has been designated a “Mountain Park forest.” It includes the southern side of the Orobie chain of Alps, the provincial territory of Bergamo, and covers an area of 63 thousand hectares. Its territory is marked by the rivers Brembo, Serio and Dezzo that run through the Brembana, Seriana and Scalve valleys, and several other tributaries that through side valleys.

Music: Scott Buckley – Discovery (CC-BY)


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